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Discover the pleasure of an open-air lunch.
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Let’s rediscover the pleasure of an open-air lunch  in contact with nature, to spend a day in total relax and full of taste. Book your pic Nic within 8 p.m. the previous evening!

Choose between two pic Nic available:

Mountain Man Pic Nic – € 25 per person

– Rye bread and grissini
– Slinziga (small dried bresaola), a sausage and two Valtellina cheeses
– Casaro Salad: green salad with bresaola, walnuts and flakes of Casera cheese
– Dessert
– Fruit
-Vinaigrette in glass
– ½ liter of water (if you have water bottles we will fill them up)

Vegetarian Pic Nic – €25 per person

– Rye bread with grilled vegetables brie cheese and scamorza cheese
– Green salad with flakes of Casera cheese of Valtellina and sunflower seeds
– Omelette with parmesan cheese and vegetables
– Dessert
– Fruit
– Vinaigrette in glass
-½ Water (if you have water bottles we will fill them up)

For each  pic Nic   you will have at your disposal one anti-humidity blanket, Genzianella backpack (or if you prefer the canvas bag), cutting board and knife, crockery. We do remind you the importance of bringing back everything and not leaving anything in the woods.

Recommended picnic places in Bormio:
-Parco dei bagni nuovi, easily accessible after a short walk
-Three bridge walk in Santa Caterina

– The playground of Planecc (located in Premadio), after the Cancano lakes

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