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FAQ: Spa Center in Bormio

  • 1. How many spa centres are there in Bormio?

    There are 3 different spa centre

  • 2. What are the main differences?

    Bormio Terme is a modern thermal centre, entirely renewed. Beside the classic thermal cures like mud, inhalations, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, you will find the new wellness area. The wellness services include the indoor swimming pool, whirlpools, outdoor pools, four seasons pool, children pool, saunas, Turkish bath, relax area, water slides and games for the children. Bormio Terme is ideal for families.

    Step back in time to the characteristic and evocative Old Roman Baths.

    The secular cave called Grotta built  in 1827 and the Roman Baths are a true dive into the past.
    More than 30 different thermal services are included with the entrance ticket: external panoramic swimming pool, old natural rock cave, hydro massage bathtubs, saunas, mud baths… It is the most famous centre and for this reason it is usually more crowded.

    The New Baths and the 5 stars Grand Hotel were originally opened in 1836.

    They were reopened again in 2003 after being closed for many years and after a long restoration period.
    The main difference between the old and the new Baths is the liberty style that characterizes the new Baths and the extension of their thermal water outdoors (10 thermal pools and tubs in the great garden of Venus).

  • 3. Which Thermal centre do you suggest?

    Bormio Terme for swimmers, families and for people that only have a couple of hour free.
    Bagni Nuovi & Bagni Vecchi for a romantic day, for a moment of complete relaxation, for a great scented massage. Both Bagni Nuovi & Bagni Vecchi are wonderful and evocative! Giving advice is difficult, but for who has the possibility to visit just one of them then I would reccommend the Bagni Vecchi, unique and special.

  • 4. Where are they?

    Bormio Terme
    Via Stelvio, 14 – Bormio
    is in the centre of Bormio (10 minutes walking distance from the Hotel la Genzianella)
    Public bus > next bus stop 50mt from the hotel
    Bomio Terme paying car park

    Bagni Vecchi
    SS dello Stelvio – Loc. Bagni Vecchi
    on the way to Stelvio (4km from the hotel); Not reached by public transport
    Limited parking area

    Bagni Nuovi
    Via Bagni Nuovi, 7 – Valdidentro
    on the way to Livigno (3km from the hotel) Not reached by public transport
    Limited parking area

    tel. 0342 903768
    tel. 0342 011550 / 334 3384770
    price around  8euro BN / 10euro BV

  • 5. What are the opening hours?

    Bormio Terme> Check the new timetable here

    Bagni Nuovi>
    daily 11.00am – 8.00pm
    Friday  & Saturday  relax under the stars 11.00pm

    Bagni Vecchi>
    daily 10.00am – 8.00pm
    Friday  & Saturday  relax under the stars 11.00pm

  • 6. How much time do you spend there?

    A couple of hours for Bormio Terme and around 4 hours at Bagni Vecchi & Bagni Nuovi.

  • 7. How much does the ticket cost and what is included?

    Bormio Terme:
    daily entrance from 17 to 26euro
    evening entrance after 5 p.m. from 12 to 22euro
    children up to 5yrs free of charge,
    from 6yrs to 15yrs discount of 30%

    Entrance to the well being area includes the following:  Swimming pool (27°c) – Childrens pool (32°c)- Open thermal relax pool – Sauna – Steam room – Sun terrace and relax – Piscina Open air pool “four seasons” (33°C) Childrens slide, childrens in door and out door pool – Adult outdoor pool (32°c)

    You can hire a bathrobe  3euro & towel  1,50euro.
    and buy a swimming cup 2,5euro

    Bagni Nuovi & Bagni Vecchi:
    from 38 to 42euro (already including our discount)
    Evening ticket after 4.30pm from  38 to 42 euro (on bankholidays 49euro)
    Relax under the stars every Friday & Saturday from 7pm 39euro  (on bankholidays 49euro)

    Entrance to the well being area includes the following: no time limit, over 30 different thermal activities, open air pools and a few weel-being events.
    You can plunge into the natural relaxing hot springs (ranging in temperature from 38° to 43°C)
    and then lie in the sun overlooking the mountains…
    You will be given a bath robe, bath towel, flip-flops & free soaps and shampoo in the showers.

  • 8. What to I need to bring? Do I need a swimming cap?

    Bormio Terme: bring your swimming costume and a cap (compulsory), toilette products.
    You can rent a bathrobe (3€) and a towel (1,50€). The swimming caps can be bought for a small fee.
    Bagni Vecchi Bagni Nuovi: your swimming costume is all that you need to take (no bath cap). You will get towels, bath robe & soap at the entrance desk.

  • 9. Are children allowed?

    Bormio Terme is ideal for families and even the smallest children are admitted. The new area created in 2006 was created with families in mind.

    The Bagni Vecchi Centre is open to teenagers over 14.

    The Bagni Nuovi Centre is also open to children ages 5 and above accompanied by an adult.

  • 10. Do I need to make a reservation?

    We advice you to book the entrance at Bagni Vecchi & Bagni Nuovi expecially during high season & weekends. To guarantee the booking, the reservation has to be made by the hotel at least 24hours in advance.

  • 11. What are the properties of the natural Hot Springs in Bormio?

    The Hot Springs of Bormio (from 37° to 43° C – 99° F to 109° F) are chemically classifiable as including sulphate, alkaline and earth, with light traces of radon and have detoxifying, anti-stress, toning, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties for a complete return to form.
    The water guarantees complete epithelial exfoliation which renders the skin smooth and velvet-like.