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Given that:

1. The HOTEL Hotel Genzianella provide a range of Stelvio Experience services ( organized by STEX snc) for those who have purchased the PACKAGES Stelvio Experience advertised on the Hotel website or through any other booking ways; 

2. Such ancillary services include, for example:
• Backpack to the top ( B2T for semplicity)
• Accompanied Group rides ( ABT for semplicity) 

3. I, the undersigned, who intend to make use of one or more of the Stelvio Experience services Acknowledge that 

4. Although the Stelvio Experience services provider adopts every proper expedient and precaution to avoid and prevent accidents, the use of the services in question can involve risks of damage to people and/or things, the prevention of which also requires careful and prudent behaviour on the part of the user (here undersigned ) 

5. During the implementation of these services / rides / excursions, my image may be the subject of photographs or journalism services, radio or television footage, or video-recordings; In view of the above, I therefore declare that: 

a) I exonerate and release the Hotel Partner and the Stelvio Experience services provider from all public liability in the event of any possible damage to people and/or things (accidents, injuries, thefts, damage, etc.) that I, the undersigned, might suffer in relation to the provision of the services in question, unless these be due to serious and culpable wrongdoing on the part of the Stelvio Experience services provider or the Hotel Partner. 

b) I forego as from this moment any claim on my part for damage compensation or reimbursement from the Stelvio Experience services provider and the Hotel Partner in relation to the matters outlined above; 

Signature: ___________________________     Date: ____________________ 

I authorise, within the terms of the Personal Data Protection Law 196/2003: a) The use of images, with regard to my person and to minors under my responsibility, in any form judged appropriate for the promotion of the services in question; b) The use of the data contained in the present declaration insofar as it proves necessary for the Stelvio Experience services provider and the Hotel Partner for the sole purposes of implementing the declaration itself (exemption/ exoneration from liability). 

Signature: ___________________________     Date: ____________________ 

The present authorisation has been granted freely and independently, and without any conditions or reservations on my part. 

Signature: ___________________________     Date: ____________________

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Accompanied trekking tour

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