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Thursday 23 and 30 March from 19.30 to 23.00

Through the rituals of steam infusions, we promise you an evening of intense well-being and relaxation.


7.00/7.15pm arrival at nidum spa

19.30 presentation of the event

20.00 welcome aufguss ritual

hay scrub in the steam bath

hot aufguss in the sauna “la stua”

deep relaxation ceremony and tibet bowls

Spa with taste

Between one ritual and another we will delight you with some small specialities.

Good to know

  • Reservations open until the day before (minimum 5 partecipants)
  • Price per person 60 euros
  • For those staying at the hotel Included if you stay at least 4 nights in half board 30 euros if you stay from 1 to 3 nights
  • The price includes the rituals, bathrobe, towels, small delicacies, water, tea, herbal teas and a glass of Franciacorta
  • Dress code: you will be free to wear what makes you most comfortable. You can therefore opt for the classic swimsuit, an extra cotton towel or stay naked (Please no part of the body in contact with the wood)