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One day relax
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A mountain getaway to climb the Stelvio on your bicycle or simply to unwind….

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the spa, a rejuvenating walk through the woods and a delicious dinner. There are many reasons to choose to stay at the Genzianella during the “One day relax”.

What’s more, it’s convenient: special rates and many pluses included for you. Discover new dates each month and experience the most authentic mountain, without queues and crowds!

7 | 21 | 22 | 31 August

Dedicated to you

☀ Roulette formula: we will assign you the best room available on the day of your arrival
☀ Nidum SPA entrance: a place of silence and relaxation to allow you to dedicate yourself to the deepest sense of relaxation
☀ A special 50-minute light legs treatment
☀ Early check in from 9.00 in the morning
Mountaineer’s vital breakfast: a real cuddle to start the day on the right foot
☀ Free WIFI internet connection
☀ Private parking
☀ City bikes available for free
☀ Free rental of backpacks and walking sticks
☀ Video surveillance storage for bicycles