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Rooms and Suites

A sweet rest and a sweetest awakening.

Fall asleep softly, dream and then wake up smiling: you are in the new rooms of Hotel La Genzianella in Bormio. Here the welcoming colors and the relaxing natural ability of the Cirmolo wood will make your stay in Bormio delightful.

Junior Suite Pure Relax

28 m2 / 2-3 People / From 170 € per person

The “JS Pure Relax” is perfect for a romantic getaway and for relaxing and intense stay.
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Junior Suite Panorama

28 m2 / 2-3 People / From 190 € per person

Decorated with Cirmolo wood the Junior Suite Panorama has two large panoramic windows that bring the light of nature into the room.
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Junior Suite Alpina

35 m2 / 2-3 People / From 170 € per person

The “JS Alpina” is the perfect room for a comfortable and hospitable holiday.
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Alpine chalet

37 m2 / 2-4 People / From 190 € per person

Imagine the feeling of staying in an authentic mountain chalet: the warmth of “Alpine Chalet” draws inspiration from here.
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18 m2 / 2 People / From 150 € per person

Have you always dreamed of watching the World Cup downhill races from your balcony? Get into your room.
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22 m2 / 2-3 People / From 160 € per person

“Wood” are our romantic mountains rooms, with walls and ceiling in Cirmolo Bio wood: follow its comforting perfume.
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15 m2 / 2-3 People / From 130 € per person

The “Design” rooms are created for two people: they offer an alpine design in a contemporary style.
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Design Mountain View

15 m2 / 2 People / From 140 € per person

The “Design Mountain View” rooms overlook Monte Vellecetta, right on the south side of the hotel.
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